Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress and Painted Floors

 Closing is done and I have had my project pants on for a WEEK.  Progress IS being made!  I am sure you remember the before (how could you not?  You are probably still having nightmares!)

 In progress:
*Wall has been painted.  You can't really tell from the first picture, but it was a lovely shade of orangey terra cotta, eek!  Now, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray....much better!

And a sneak peek of the complete room:

 Now, doesn't that look SO much better?  The lovely floor is now painted one color...painted?  Yep, painted.  We got lucky on that one.  When I originally started researching how to cover the lovely 5 color stained concrete (I thought) floors, I found a handy tutorial over on Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs.  Once we closed, and I dug around in the garage, I found the products that had actually been used on the floor.  Lucky me, they were all water based (not concrete stain) and did not have to be stripped.  We were able to wash a couple of times and paint right over em.  The paint is supposed to be durable, so we will see. 

 I love the look, what do you think?

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Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

yep...not concrete stain! we did concrete stain in our basement bedroom, but just one color. here it is if you like to take a look
concrete stain doesn't look as bad as your original floor :)
One color is much better than the wlking on the rainbow!

flooring Honolulu said...

To be honest, I actually like the first color stained concrete floor. However, the newly painted one is much more adorable. Thank you for sharing this post.

flooring Houston said...

The newly painted floor is great. It matches the room well and just brightens it up. I like the circular lines I think they add a flavor to the floors and make them just more awesome. Great floor and thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

What color is the paint that you ended up using for this project?

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