Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugal Friday

Everybody is trying to save something these days...time, money, their sanity...well, we want to do our little part to help.  Fridays will be "frugal" here at The Lettered Life.  Every Friday we will post about how to save something.  You may learn how to decorate on a dime, save on your groceries, organize your kitchen or get more for your money at the grocery store, we have tons of ideas to share with you, so join us and pick up a tip or two!

Today I want to share a frugal decorating project (phase 1).  We recently sold our house and we are renting until we find the perfect new house.  As you know, renting has it's restrictions, so I had to figure out how to make my daughter's room cute without painting, using new furniture (her pieces from the other house would not fit) AND on a budget!  Yowee, what a challenge!

Step one, a color scheme.  Her bed is antique and would look awesome painted like this:

but my husband absolutely refuses to let me to paint his family's antique bed.  So, it is also beautiful with the original dark finish, just not as girly, so I had to counteract that with lots of color. L loves lots of colors, so we decided to go with pinks, aquas, lime and orange.  This fabric is our inspiration:

How to add color to the walls?  Well, I was working on pennants to hang in front of the store (made from ribbon and scrap fabric), so I thought "Wouldn't they be cute used as a border INSIDE?!"....the answer is YES!  So here they are:

Next up, the rest of the furniture.  Limited on wall space and restricted by a tight stairwell not to mention the budget and the fact that we may only be in this room for a year, it was off to my favorite junk shop, Southern Chicks to see what treasures I could find.

Jackpot!  I found these pieces (the first one has drawers, but they had moved on to be painted) AND 2 bistro chairs for my cute little dining nook...all for $111...definitely frugal!  A couple of cans of paint and I was set.  Painting has commenced, so tune in next week to see the progress.




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