Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mason Jar Mania...please join us!

We mason jars, yes we do.  They make our hearts go pitty-pat with all their crafty-organizing goodness!

According to Wikipedia, Mason jars were invented by John Landis Mason in 1858.  Mr. Mason intended them for canning and food storage which, I am sure was their main purpose for a very long time.  My mother canned, maybe yours did too, but I sure don't. 

Yet...there are 4 cases of Mason jars in my trunk at this very moment.  We are going to have some Mason Jar fun this week, yes sir-ee, Bob.

Like many, I have been feeding my Mason Jar obsession on Pinterest (follow me by clicking that little button in the sidebar).  Wow, the things you can do with a humble little Mason Jar....

Of course you can use them for canning, but how about....packing your lunch, decorating for a party, dispensing soap, holding pencils, using as a "keepable" vase for flowers, holding toothbrushes, using as gift wrap, as a design element for a  decorative chandelier, to hold candles for a tablescape, using for premixed cocktails at your tailgate party, to mix salad dressing, store playdough....there are so many fun things, I could go on and on.....and I will because Mason Jar Mania is going on for a week, ending with a Linky party on September 22.  We hope you will join us and link up your creative Mason Jar ideas!



Kendra said...

I love mason jars! they are fun for decorating! I had never thought about using them for lunch! what a good idea! :)

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