Monday, November 28, 2011

Clean and Green (with a little bit of red)

Look at these adorable dish towels we've been cooking up at the store!

We had some at Thanksgiving with turkeys on them, but customers were buying them up as fast as we could make them!

It made me think, there really is something special about a beloved kitchen towel.  Over Thanksgiving, I enjoyed listening to three generations of women share cooking and cleaning tips while passing the towel back and forth; some slinging it over their shoulder, some pausing to wipe little hands and mouths, or pull a fresh baked goody from the oven.  This experience had me understanding why a little dish towel could be such a popular item.

We enjoyed hilarious conversations about home remedies gone wrong, and some that worked magic; but the reality was that our mothers and grandmothers really knew how to mix a concoction to remedy any accident or spill.  Making your own household cleaning products has been making a comeback in recent years.  Now that we have been learning about all of the harmful effects the fumes and chemicals can have on our bodies, we've gone back to a safer way of keeping our homes clean.  In fact, Young House Love has several good recipes for making your own cleaning products for virtually every situation. 

So, whip yourself up some homemade cleaners. Or better yet, pick up a dish towel from the store, take it to a wise woman in your family, and ask her to tell you about all the homemade remedies she has!