Thursday, May 3, 2012

Downright Fruity

Remember that CeLo Green song "Crazy"?  My favorite lyrics in the song are in the very first line. "I remember the day that I lost mind.  There was something so special about that day"  Of course I don't remember the exact day that I lost my mind, but I can remember thinking I've lost my mind over and over again.

And this time is no different. I've lost my mind....I've gone fruity!  Because apparently I have so little on my plate (enter sarcasm here) that I decided I needed to grow fruit in my backyard.  Sounds like fun, huh?

A few years ago our family built some garden boxes in the backyard and we did enjoy a modest harvest of vegetables.  Some tomatoes, a cucumber or two, some potatoes and squash.  Oh, and some lettuce that was to die for!  But growing fruit has never been something that's been, well, "fruitful" for me.  This year, we've planted vegetables again, but we decided it was time to try fruit again.  Just two kinds, a pink lemon tree and some strawberries.

 We tried to grow strawberries last year, but the fruit would start to get heavy and go bad on the parts that touched the ground. So we're trying again this year with this fancy pot.

I also had a lemon tree that died last year(sorry mom); probably because I put it toward the back of the property and didn't cover it during a surprise freeze.  But, this time I'm feeling confident.  And don't you love the variegated leaves?  According to the picture, the fruit won't be so pretty on the outside, but I'm excited to see pink on the inside! 

This time around, our lemon tree is near the house and our strawberries are off the ground.  If it's as easy as the instructions say, then we ought to be eating strawberries and drinking pink lemonade in the next few months.  But, is anything EVER as easy as "they say"?? Stay tuned...


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