Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day project

 I hope you had a great Mother's Day.  I sure did.  I have great kids.  It is such a blessing to be a mother (most days).  I don't like Mother's Day to be a big deal...don't want breakfast in bed or a big fancy dinner. I usually just ask for time.  Time off from doing housework, errands, homework etc.  Time for me to be crafty and creative.

This mother's day I tackled a couple of projects that had been brewing in my head.  Tutorial for one will be coming in June...and it IS fabulous.  The other is a slipcover.  One of the things on my "bucket list" is to learn to make slipcovers.  Ok, I know, lame bucket list.

I started tentatively a few weeks ago....


 But didn't get very far.  It took me a while to figure out I just needed to cut this fabric and do the front of the arm as a separate piece...not an expert here, so don't laugh.

Once I got the backs of both arms figured out, I was able to move on to the fronts.  I even decided to make and add piping so it would look more professional.  I am REALLY pleased and proud of the result!

Stay tuned for the finished product (once Joann's gets more cotton duck).  I have the other arm front pinned.  So I hope to get that done and the hem finished this week.  I would like to get all the cushions disassembled and cord recovered (I am reusing old cord and zippers cause I am thrifty (cheap) like that) this week too...high hopes in the second to last week of school....and did I mention we are hoping to close on our new house this week?


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