Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal planning epiphany!

If your calendar looks anything like, school, volunteer work, kids activities, social activities  (not mine of course), then meal planning is probably WAY down your list of things to do.  Here's what generally happens at my house:  around 5:30ish, someone asks "what's for dinner?".  Being the mother of the year that I am, I say something like : "It's Monday, so kids eat free at Moes!" or the ever popular "Um, can you stop by Publix on your way home?".

I have searched and tried lots of systems...and failed miserably at all of them.  I can plan but then the grocery list overwhelms me.  Or I leave it on the counter.  Or I just try to remember it.  And again, we are dinnerless.

So....I think I have come across something that just might work.  I have tried it on a small scale and absolutely love it, so I thought I would share!  The website is called Plan To Eat.  PTE for short.  It lets you import recipes, plan menus, save them to use again and best of makes a grocery list of everything you need AND will even send it to your phone on the mobile app...really, how could this be any easier?  

Oh, almost forgot the best part...there is a "save to PTE" button, so when you are surfing the web or Pinterest and see something yummy, you can save it right to PTE and even put it on your meal plan right that second!  I have been going through my Pinterest boards and saving all the recipes that look fab but I have never cooked!  Genius!   I seriously love it so far.  

Try it.  There is a 30 day free trial (no payment info required, so it's not one of those sneaky things that is going to suck you in when you forget to cancel).  Let me know how you like it.

oh, and I am not fancy enough to have sponsors, so the PTE people have no clue that I love their site...just sayin...opinion and site love is all genuine.


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