Monday, July 16, 2012

Toiletry Roll - A Tutorial

I was headed out to Cali, and not that I NEEDED a toiletry caddy, (or that TSA would even allow my toiletries in anything other that a quart size plastic bag) but I saw some cute washcloths at TJ Maxx that matched nothing I had and they were just begging to be given a greater purpose. 8 washcloths for $7.99! Aren't they cute?   They're going to be even cuter when I turn them in to Toiletry Rolls!

First, I laid out the washcloth wrong side up

Then, placed my toothbrush so that the top was even with the top of the cloth, and then folded up from the bottom. It was about 4 inches.

Next, I folded 12 inches of ribbon in half and pinned it just inside the fold.  This will help tie it in to a roll when I'm done.

 I sewed the edge where I pinned the ribbon closed

For the first pocket I measured 3 inches in and sewed a vertical line across the folded area.

Then, 1 inch over from that I sewed another line.  This pocket is for the toothbrush.  Mine fit at both 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch width, but all toothbrushes are different, so you will want to measure with yours to ensure a snug fit.

 I continued to sew lines another 3 inches over, then 1 inch over, and one more at the other end of the washcloth.

What a great camp goody or slumber party favor! 


Anonymous said...

What a CUTE idea!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! How cute! That's a wonderful idea.

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