Friday, April 5, 2013

Calling All Lilly Lovers!!!

OMG!!! How many of you Lilly Pulitzer lovers have old agendas lying around just because you can't bare to throw away such beauty??? Raise your hand.....yep.  I thought so.  Look at all of these ideas I've come across for repurposing all of those pages....All you need is an old agenda and a little Modge Podge



And here are a few recommendations from Lifeguard Press:
  • Use the patterned monthly divider pages as unique scrap-booking paper or decoupage paper.
  • Cut out and frame the monthly "Lillisms" (sayings, rhymes and quotes on each monthly page) for cute and clever artwork.
  • Use the decorative pages as wrapping paper for small gifts.
  • Cut or tear the patterned pages into a variety of geometric shapes and create a collage by gluing them to a piece of paper, then slip that into the exterior clear insert sleeve of a ring-binder to create a Lilly-patterned binder.
  • Cut out dress-shapes from the patterned sheets (being sure to include tabs at the shoulders and around the waist) to create Lilly-patterned paper doll dresses.
  • Cut the agenda's patterned sheets into squares and use as unique Lilly-patterned origami paper.
  • Make rolled paper beads from the more colorful pages of the agenda and create unique jewelry, hair accessories, or even a beaded curtain.
  • Glue or mod-podge your favorite patterns or pages to blank ceramic tiles and then coat them with polyurethane for DIY coasters.
  • Using a variety of sizes of hole-punchers, punch out small circles or shapes to create Lilly Pulitzer confetti!
  • Re-purpose your favorite pages into note cards or gift tags
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