Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A blog that changed my life, or at least my morning

I get up every morning at 5:30.  I should go running. or to the gym. but i don't.  I drink my coffee, check my email, blog if I am feeling inspired and pin stuff.  It is lovely.  and relaxing.  a great start to my otherwise hectic, busy day of being a business owner, wife and mother.  I can see the wheels turning...why can she start her day like that while i am frantically packing lunches?  It's all thanks to Michelle at 5dinners1Hour.  yep, Michelle gets all the credit for changing my morning from frantic to peaceful.  

Surfing blogs the Sunday before school started, I came across 5dinners1hour...while I thought the concept was super cool, my family is home for about 1 dinner a week, so that concept just didn't work for me....maybe I should look for 5drive-throughs1week...I digress....upon further delving into Michelle's blog, I found a post about packing lunches for everyone all at once, Eureka!  I had to try it, and by golly it worked!  

Lunch packing, a huge time sucker when you do it every morning,  had been reduced to about 20 minutes once a week and then a quick "pick and pack" every morning...L can even do it herself!  How awesome is that!  I love it, and I love Michelle for thinking of it!  Check out her blog for more yummy and clever ideas.  While you are there, enter her apron giveaway and tell her I said Hi and Thank you!




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