Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Pinterest project

 Chatting about Pinterest one day, Holley and I realized we had pinned many of the same projects.  This is one of our favorites.  The original post is from 320 Sycamore back in 2009.  (one of my love/hate things about pinterest is that until you try and follow the link, you don't know if the picture is current or not.  Super cool that you can find and older post like this one and revive it, not great if you find the perfect skirt from J.Crew that is 4 seasons old...I am still searching in vain for that skirt!).  Anyway, Holley decided to research the dollar parts that Melissa used and see if she could still get them.  She could, $6 total!  Not content to leave well enough alone, I was in Hobby Lobby last week and noticed glass was 50 off! (It is on sale again this week, run don't walk, you are going to want these!)  I picked up the parts for our second set of hurricanes for just $24.
Here are the original hurricanes from WS.  $58-78 EACH.  Now, doesn't $6-$24 for a set of 3 sound like such a bargain!?

Making them is super easy, here is how we did it:
1. Get to the dollar store or Hob Lob and get your parts.  At the DS we purchased 3 candlesticks in the same size and 3 of the same size clear vase.  You can also pick up the candles Melissa shows in her tutorial.  Cost: $1 each piece.  At Hob Lob, we prchased 3 candle sticks of varying heights and 3 vases of the same size.  Cost: $21 @ 50% $42 if you wait til next week....still not a bad deal for a set of three.  You will also need a tube of E6000, our favorite glue.  

2.  Peel off the tags.  Helpful hint, hand sanitizer will take off all that nasty sticky stuff in a flash!


3. Read the directions on the E6000 and apply the glue carefully to the edge of the candle stick (hint, be sure your candle stick parts that are going to be inaccessible are CLEAN and free of don't want those under there for all eternity!)

4.  Carefully place the base on the center of the bottom of the vase.  You can scootch it around a little if needed and wipe off the excess glue.

5.  Let them dry, so pretty!

6.  Have fun decorating....



MONOGRAMMED! We used an etched glass vinyl available at M&M 

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