Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekends On the Water

  School officially ended yesterday and within hours we were loaded up and headed for the coast!  We'll be here a lot for the month of June just chillin' and enjoying the outdoors.  No TV and limited internet access make for some great family time!

Since we arrived around dinner time; we unloaded, ate a quick bite and went for an evening ride along the beach on the golf cart. 

There's something about the sunsets when you're at the beach.  They're just more beautiful than any other place on earth.  We couldn't resist stopping for awhile to wade in the water and skip stones until the sun was gone. 

Once we returned, we took the kids for a night mission to set crab traps at the dock.  The kids love setting crab traps.  It's like Christmas every morning when they wake up and run down to the dock to see what has wandered in overnight.

 We even made a new friend.   

This handsome fellow showed up for some free dinner while we were cleaning our catch of the day.

I love little weekend trips where you get to experience life outside of  the everyday.  Unfortunately, life's commitments require us back in town for at least 3 days each week this summer.

We had so much fun that we were barely home long enough to unpack before we were all packing to leave again!! I can't wait to see what fun we have in this next "Weekend on the Water"